About Us

We are Moms. We are Wives. We are Sisters, Daughters, and Friends.

We tell it like it is and for us, there is no other way. We do not discriminate or judge, or expect everyone to be like us. We are not crude, rude or inappropriate, but we don’t sugar coat. We talk about things that matter to us and hopefully, to you. We like to have fun, but we also have a serious side. We have strong personalities and strong opinions and they are not all the same. We are experienced and intelligent and know what we are talking about. You won’t agree with everything you read here, and that’s ok. We are here for you, too.

Life doesn’t come with a manual and nine times out of ten it takes pretty many mistakes to figure out the important stuff. There will be those who can only learn through experience, and that’s ok. We are here for you, too.

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