My name is Andi. I have 5 kids and a husband who have taught me that there is always a better way. My two oldest are making their way in the real world, and my three youngest are homeschooled due to an unfortunate combination of school policy not allowing my food-allergic child to carry his epi-pen on the school-bus, and the now infamous, common core.

I am a proud, specifically NOT SHY introvert and it gets on my nerves in an unexplainable way when people attempt to sympathize with or compensate for my shyness. I’ve been known to use my Myers-Briggs Personality Type (INTP) to excuse the side-effect of being asshole and I have no shame in that. I don’t like attention but I do have a lot to say, so when I stumble upon something worth sharing I tend to do that.

I don’t like rules or being told no. This has posed a bit of a problem in the child rearing department. They have seen my disdain for rules and I have many times found myself explaining why it is important that some rules must-be-followed, namely, mine. I am not a do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do kind of parental unit, although I firmly believe that adults should not have to excuse their actions to children and therefore if you don’t want to end up with kids doing adult-type things long before it’s appropriate, don’t do those things in front of your kids. I try to be a good example for my kids. I am not perfect.

I am intolerant of stupid, ridiculous and inexcusable bs about why things cannot be done the right way the first time. I expect people to do their jobs properly. This includes parents, whose job it is to prep and send out into the world, an educated, hardworking, polite, respectful, entry-level, ready-to-learn and work, adult. I have no patience or respect for the newest version of the workforce that has been raised to be lazy, entitled, stupid and disrespectful. As a parent raising children who are destined for this end, it is easy to catch early enough that it can still be corrected. I hope to influence parents to make the sacrifice of being the parent that teaches kids the value of a dollar, respect for elders and authority as well as teaching our daughters and sons self-worth through being a good person, not likes on social media or other popularity contests.

I love to read, from fiction to scientific studies about medical breakthroughs. I read about things that I have no earthly reason to want to know and utilize the spoils of this strange habit in social situations that usually garner weird looks and no doubt a conclusion that: “….man, is she weird.” I am, by all accounts, a human encyclopedia of a lot of useless information. I know a little bit (some would say enough) about a lot of random things. My goal here is to share my experiences in an effort to be useful in some way. I do love to help people and even though I’ve been called an asshole, my want to help is genuine. I am a nice person once you get to know me.

I hold no judgment against anyone who tries. I respect your right to live the way you want to as long as you own it. If you question, even a little bit, how you are doing something, I challenge you to consider making a change. Ask yourself this: In ten years, will I be worse off having made this change? In ten years, will I be better off having made a change? It’s that simple.

I started this blog because I love to write and was told that I needed an outlet for all the random crap in my head. I bestow said crap onto you.

I do hope you are entertained, enlightened, and satisfied with whatever you find here, even if it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for.