Welcome To Hot Topics

Here you will probably agree or disagree with, strongly. Or you’ll have no interest at all.

Hot topics can inspire feelings of outrage. Although they are meant to inspire conversation, it’s ok if you feel one way or the other already. We don’t have to agree on everything and it’s quite likely we won’t. Hot topics are meant to shed the burden of maintaining political correctness and encourage open civilized conversations. 

While some topics have the illusion of being political because they have been associated with one side or another, we will steer clear of the politicizing anything. People may have trouble disassociating topics they view as political with actual political beliefs; i.e. positions on health care, religion, climate-change, abortion, marriage, etc. I’m not afraid to separate these things from the political affiliations and get to facts, and in many cases, only opinions because that’s all that exists about it.

We challenge you to think, consider and talk about it.  And we challenge you to engage others. Have conversations, because living in this world is about people, not butting heads on opposing beliefs, ideas, lifestyles, etc. Living in this world is about respect for others, their rights to decide for themselves and no judgment.

Some posts may sound judgy. Please trust me, they are not.

Sassy Moms will poke the bear and instigate. But that doesn’t mean we judge you for your potential opposing opinion.

Please do not be afraid to join the conversation. We request respectful discourse and look forward to getting to know your position.