What Are Your Responsibilities As A Parent?

According to the dictionary, with regard to humans, parent is defined as follows:

1:     one that begets or brings forth offspring
2:     a person who brings forth and cares for another

It’s safe to assume that being a parent is a widely agreed upon concept in life: One or more person decides to have a child, either by giving birth or through adoption. Being a parent thereafter varies widely. How you do it defines what kind of parent you are.

From age zero to eighteen, the law says you get to make all of the decisions regarding this person. And how you do this has a direct effect on how this person turns out. What are the responsibilities of a parent? And is this something that is debatable?

The articles you will find in the parenting section explore these questions, offer some diverse answers based on experience, and encourage you to engage with your own perspective. 

It’s possible you’ll find some controversial content here. If you’re looking to relate to negative outcomes based on #badparenting behavior, there’s a support group for that. This isn’t it. If that’s what you’re looking for, google that. A couple of topics you won’t find here are:

How to Turn a Playdate into Happy Hour
My Kid Cussed Out His Teacher and I’m Ok with That
Temper Tantrums in Public: How I Foster My Child’s Creative Expression

You also will not find any dad or husband bashing here.

To each their own and we don’t judge, but there won’t be any support here for doing things you know you shouldn’t but do because you found a group of ladies on the internet who are all doing it, too. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, your bad behavior will manifest in some other way that which you will likely not attribute to your bad behavior. 

If you’re looking for excuses, you won’t find them here.