Parenting Adult Children

Yep. When they are adults, they are still your children and depending on their living/financial situations, you may still be required to parent them.

Adult children are the second hardest to parent behind teens. As perfect as they may have been when they were kids, some of the behavior they will exhibit in the late teen and young adult years will no doubt be at least somewhat confusing.

Warning: Uncorrected terrible two leads to terrible-teen which leads to the spoiled brat and other inappropriate behaviors as an adult. For some of you, this revelation may fall into the category of a day late and a dollar short. One thing will always lead to another, the parenting of children from baby thru adult is one of the best examples you will ever see in life. 

When Your Job Is Done

When your child lives on their own, parenting has concluded. Unless they live with you or are financially dependent on you, you have no say. Of course, there will be times when it is appropriate to advise your child. Especially when they ask for it. But butting into their lives, uninvited, or criticizing decisions or actions is really no longer appropriate. You had your chance, and now it is time for them to fly. 

We’re here to help you deal with adult children who either still live in your home or are financially dependent. We’re here to help you deal with adult children who are interfering with your parenting of younger siblings. Yes, that actually happens. We also hope to help you let go when parenting ends, to build a new relationship based on trust and respect of the person you raised. 

As always, we encourage you to get involved in the discussion. If you have any questions we will do our best to answer. Again, if we cannot, we will point you in the direction of someone who can. 

Happy Parenting!