by Andi

I Love Saranghae!

For years, decades, even, I have searched for the perfect skin care system. It’s been a priority that has been inexplicably frustrating because nobody wants to be constantly looking for skin care products that actually work, but never finding them. From oily-acne-skin to dry-wrinkly-skin, and my search for something that works to help solve everything in between, there has literally never been something that has worked well for me until now.

“Problem Skin”

I’ve had it all. And not in normal phases such as teen-skin, pregnancy-skin, or aging skin. I had any of those, plus, and on any given day. So skin care that targets a specific problem only worked for me occasionally and it was a gamble figuring out which I needed to be using. My skin was so unpredictable, I just needed something that worked amazingly well, no matter what my problem was going to be that day.

My skin issues had turned me into a gullible, desperate fool when it came to “high-end” skin care. Every celebrity and supermodel that had a skin care line was suddenly a genius. Then products “formulated by dermatologists” came along and had to be the answer, because dermatologists know it all when it comes to skin, right? Unfortunately, I’ve been repeatedly disappointed with the same-same-same products that literally did nothing for me, not to mention the ones that seemed to make things worse. 

Believe me, when I say, I have tried them all.

I now regularly use Saranghae’s Five-Step Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine.

While the anti-aging aspect was very intriguing to me, by the time I was trying Saranghae, I had already accepted that I was “aging” and had decided to do it with grace. I needed something to really tame skin that seemed up and down, back and forth all the time and would look good maybe 2 days out of the month by accident. Before I started using Saranghae, it was anyone’s guess when that “good day” would be. 

For more than 20 years my skin’s routine was to be oily and blemished in the summer and dry and wrinkly in the winter. Since starting with Saranghae, my skin is “normal.”

I couldn’t be happier. 

I recommend Saranghae to everyone. It has been a miracle for my temperamental skin and I honestly believe it would work wonders for anyone.