by Andi

I’m Tired Of The Stigma Associated With Being Physically Fit

“Because you don’t eat…”
“You’re too skinny…”


Really? Really.

I cannot even express how tired I am of hearing quotes like the ones above. I have grown and birthed five large children and I’m not overweight. I’m fairly health conscious and always have been. So while I have gained quite a bit of weight during pregnancy, once that’s over, I’ve never carried extra weight. And that has been my choice. The weight doesn’t just melt right off of me. It’s something I work hard at. 

No, I am not anorexic. Nor am I bulimic or do I have any other kind of eating disorder. But for some reason, it’s assumed that because I care about my health, maintain a healthy weight and don’t eat junk, that I must have an eating disorder. 


How Should We, The Fit, Be Addressing Society’s General Discomfort With Our Existence?

Because that is exactly what it is. Society is uncomfortable with those who live a healthy lifestyle. And the PC Police are scrambling to figure out how to placate the disgruntled. Bam, now there’s a label for it. The PC Era, already on my nerves, has now demanded there be an explanation as to why some people want to be healthy and others are not concerned. This need to be in everyone’s business has now been justified by the idea that eating healthy is a mental disorder that needs addressing. 

So I guess I should just admit that I do have an eating disorder: Orthorexia Nervosa. While the definition of Orthorexia Nervosa indicates an obsessive behavior in pursuit of a healthy diet, it seems that if staying healthy is important to you, you must be obsessed with it because it’s not easy and takes extra effort and focus. Is that obsession?

I’m Not The Only One With A Problem

In the context that the authorities on the topic consider maintaining a healthy lifestyle a mental disorder, let’s talk about some of the other lifestyles that can now justifiably be considered a mental disorder.

All athletes should officially be considered mental. No, I’m not speaking with regard to their food choices. I’m referring to their obvious obsession with whatever sport they play/participate in. Is Michael Phelps obsessed with swimming? Or is it gold medals he’s obsessed with? Maybe it’s both? What about The Pittsburgh Steelers? Are those guys obsessed with football or Super Bowl rings? And what about Tom Brady? What is he obsessed with? 

All celebrities should officially be considered mental. Clearly, they are obsessed with money. Wait, is that right? No, they are obsessed with getting attention or is it with how influential they can be in the world? What is Taylor Swift more obsessed with, how many one-liners she can get millions of little girls to repeat that are officially attributed to her? Or is it how many songs she can write about people she doesn’t like? Maybe she is obsessed with celebrity feuds?

All standup comics should be considered mental. They are obviously obsessed with making people laugh. I’m sure it’s not easy and they probably have to work really hard to come up with original ways to keep that audience, another obsession, no doubt.

All TV Executives should be considered mental. They are obsessed with ratings, or hype or fake news, right? Oh, and money. 

How About If Everyone Minds Their Own Business?

What about parents of kids with allergies or diseases that the only cure is a healthy lifestyle? Are we “obsessed?” If I don’t want my food-allergic kid to eat color, chemicals, additives, preservatives, etc. because it makes his symptoms worse, does that mean I am “obsessed?” I have a mental disorder because this is important to me? Does it make the world feel better to slap that label on me?

Are we, as a society, content to leave our lives in the hands of those who will just administer an allergy shot or pill? Why should we care when we can just take some blood pressure or cholesterol meds? Chemo and radiation for cancer and insulin for diabetes. Antibiotics for chronic infections and vaccinations for diseases your body could fight off easily and maintain lifetime immunity from if we were all obsessed with maintaining good health. 

I could go on. I digress.

 Stop Projecting Your Poor Self Esteem Onto Me

This new thing, that I have a mental disorder because good health matters to me, stems from a projection onto me of someone else’s poor self-esteem. It’s in an attempt to make someone else feel better about themselves. I don’t play that. Because I don’t care what you think. And I make no apologies to the people who are offended by the choices I make that don’t affect them at all. I don’t care if you think I’m too thin or exercise too much or if you think my kids should eat ice cream and cake every day just because they are kids. My lifestyle is not about you and never will be.

It’s just sad that there is a possibility that I will have to teach my kids that we live in a world where they may be considered “mentally ill” if they decide to maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults. 

So as to any obsession the world, and now the mental health professionals think I have, clearly, it’s not me who is obsessed. I’m just over here minding my own business, living my life, feeling great and teaching my kids how to eat real food and take care of their own bodies.

Where’s the problem?

I’m Sorry, Who’s Obsessed? Me, Or You?

Are you sure about that?




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