by Kara

How Do You Stay Connected With Your Child?

I started reading the Harry Potter series in the fall of this year. Yes, I know I’m 42. I wanted to find an activity to do with my 10-year-old that would give us something to talk about. I asked her if I could read the same book as her and she happily accepted. I also found that reading the same book at the same time she was reading motivates her to read more and push her through the boring parts. She sticks with it even when it seems neverending.

Reading, Movies, And Crafts!

After we finish a book we watch the movie together and make a Harry Potter craft. Here are some cute crafts we found on Pinterest. I didn’t realize how much she was enjoying it until I overheard her in the next room telling my husband, “Dad, mom and I are starting book four, it’s our thing.” My hope is that doing this will not only continue her love for reading, but will keep connected with my child, whether it be a sport, hobby, or reading another series of books together. I pray that when she is a teenager that she will still be able to say this about her mom… “it’s our thing.”

What’s your “thing?”

Smiles, Renee

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