by Andi

I’m in the AT&T store maybe a year or two ago and I’m talking to this woman. I consider her a woman, not a girl until I ask her a yes or no question and for the first time in my life I hear, “Yaaaaaaas!” 

Now I want to stab my eardrums out.

Hell if that is not one of the most annoying “words” I’ve heard in my life. But, wait. YAAAAAAAS is NOT A WORD. Who doesn’t know that?

And now everyone says it, along with a bunch of other asinine sounding words, phrases and one-liners. 


Trying to have a conversation with some young adults is ridiculous anymore. Luckily my young adult children don’t even try the young-millennial-generationZ-speak on me. But I have heard/seen one of them use it with peers and I have to say I can’t keep myself from cringing. I realize all generations have their own lingo — oh gosh, is the word lingo outdated by now? Does anyone know what I’m talking about? But, ever since texting became the new way to have a conversation, the acronyms and terms are getting out of control.

Let’s Have A Conversation

I guess all hope is not lost yet. Teens and young adults still seem capable of normal word usage since they learned how to speak from listening to parents and other family members. Exceptions exist everywhere you go and every once in a while you’ll come across a kid/young adult that speaks nothing but slang or some homemade dialect (eh-hem.. Danielle Bregoli). I would say I’m not sure how her mother understands her, but apparently, her mother speaks the same language. I’m not gonna get into that other than to say, good job, mom! 

While some of the Millenial slang has gone into the extinction, some of it is still being used mainstream. Don’t kid yourself, though. If you are ever stoked, feeling on point, or can’t even, you are apparently calling yourself out as old. I’ll add that hearing you say, yaaaaas! or I know, right? makes me want to sign you up for some speaking lessons. I mean, really. If you’re gonna say I know, let it be in the proper form of, I know! There is no right? at the end of I know. Come on. 

Luckily for me, some lingo from my generation has made it to mainstream. So, for example, I can say cool beans or sweet and while it may date me and I’m fine with that, it’s not, shook or slay. Barf. Mind you, some words are only for the younger generation of Millenials. The older ones will continue to be stoked and not realize how stupid they sound until they are my age… or never, unfortunately. But in response to their now old-speak, their younger counterparts will no doubt be telling them, you’re canceled.

Not only does the current young generation have their own dictionary of slang words, they have managed to create a whole new set of abbreviations and acronyms for the words and phrases they use most. Some are so common that they have, in a relatively short period of time, become mainstream. While acronym usage used to be reserved for things like FAQ, DIY, and OBGYN we as English-speaking Americans can now proudly claim OMG and LOL. Some words have even been reduced to just one letter. Pretty is just p as in that’s p cool. Very is as in, are you excited? v.

Things You Won’t Hear Me Saying In Public. You’re Welcome.

Let’s raise the roof.
That’s tight.
Fo Shizzle my nizzle. 
I’m not really sure what that means, but I won’t be saying it.

You triflin’?
Yeah, I’m stoked.

Check ya later, Home Skillet.
You salty?
What’s the Dilly-O? Collio.
You guys wanna chill at my crib? That’s fly.
So many feels, amirite? <– seriously?

You’re all that and a bag of chips.
I gotta bounce.
Why you clownin? I got mad skills. Psyche!
Talk to the hand.
I’m outtie. 
Why you bugginAs if.
He was stylin and profilin’.
We gonna throw down? Here comes the po po. Step-off.
What up dog? Your mom. She’s a golddigger. So is your face.
He’s a playa. He’s my homey.
Take a chill pill.  Peace Out.
hut The Front Door.
I was all, yadda yadda yadda. And she was all, seriously? And he was all, that was brutal. And you were all, damn skippy. And I was all, that was def TMI.

You go, girl!
That’s wack.
That’s fresh.
That’s dank.
That’s slammin.
Let’s dip.
She’s blood.
That’s bunk.
You’re a butt munch.
I’m the shit.
What’s crackalackin? Schwing!
Get outta town!
Get outta my grill.
That’s my jam.
Take a picture, it lasts longer.

I’ll Never Stop Saying

My bad.
I just can’t.

literally can not.
Yeah, duh!
This is so stupid…NOT.
Oh no, you didn’t!
Oh, snap.
Don’t hate.
I’m sayin.
Could this be any more ridiculous? 

That’s what we said Back in the day.
It’s all good.
Get over it.
I’m over it.
I’m out.

I Suppose I’m Not The Only One

Do I have to hear adults well into an assumed level of maturity saying things they think makes them sound young, or is it cool? No, it does not make you sound young or cool to say, Yaaaaas! Seriously. <– yeah, I said it. 

You know what? Maybe all the things I say that survived the decades date me. I’m ok with that because you know why? I’m not saying them to keep up with the most current lingo or slang. Nor am I trying to be like the crowd or be cool or say what everyone else is saying. Maybe that’s what bother’s me most about, “yaaaaaaas!” It’s not a word, and yet, so many people are saying it. Color me confused.

I shudder at the thought of bae, turnt/turn up, on fleek, snatched, aesthetic, extra, woke, slay, lit, and yaaaaas! being a normal part of the English language twenty years from now. 

I’m not going to list them all. Suffice to say, there are too many, but if you eavesdrop on or read a conversation between anyone under 25 you may be able to see or hear for yourself: It’s a whole different language out there!

What Ever Happened To Good Old Sarcasm?

The oldest and best form of communication. 






Let’s bring that back.



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